AEHIA’s Vision in 2018

By Chris Cook, Vice President, AEHIA


AEHIA is changing for the better, thanks to many of our members. In 2017, membership grew, services expanded, opportunities for member engagement increased and the board provided the vision and leadership to achieve these gains. We expect to continue to build on this momentum in 2018.

This year, the board’s participation and involvement were unprecedented. Your board members – Christopher Jordan of Orlando Health, Josh Kohrumel of Rady’s Children’s Hospital-San Diego, John Henderson of Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Nicole Kerkenbush of Regional Health Center, Todd Hatton of St. Luke’s Health System, and Nancy Stockslager of Gwinnett Medical Center, and on the Foundation side, Tanya Freeman, President, COO and Founding Partner of Huntzinger Management Group and Dan Dillman, President and CEO of A2U – are top-notch applications experts who help keep us focused and forward-thinking. They let us know what you need to excel at your jobs.

With their guidance, here is what AEHIA accomplished:

  • Formation of the Marketing and Membership Committee, which was effective in articulating better member eligibility requirements. While AEHIA membership is predominantly focused on those in healthcare delivery organizations who lead in the area of applications usage, this committee has begun to address how AEHIA might be strengthened by including healthcare IT leaders who have areas of responsibility not solely in applications.
  • Formation of the Professional Development and Education Committee, which has made significant strides in recent months in laying out a monthly schedule, AEHIA Live Third Thursdays, for educational webinars. AEHIA members will have a great opportunity to learn from other members and Foundation partners on a variety of relevant topics.
  • An anticipated 20 percent increase in membership during 2017. We’re bringing in great talent in the realm of applications, and that will translate into greater influence in this space of healthcare.
  • Interact—our own listserve to allow members to communicate directly with each other. If you haven’t opted in to Interact, we encourage you to do so now. For those who are already signed up, reach out to your colleagues and begin to dialogue on whatever topic or issue for which you seek another member’s perspective.
  • Launch of the AEHIA newsletter, AEHIApplications News, another benefit for members to keep you informed and connected to your colleagues.

Looking to 2018, we anticipate adding additional committees to allow members to be more engaged. One possibility is a Public Policy Committee that can work collaboratively with CHIME’s Public Policy team in Washington, D.C. AEHIA’s sister association for information security executives, AEHIS, has developed significant influence in security-related legislation, and if AEHIA decides to organize its talented members in a similar fashion, there could be some positive movement on applications-specific legislation that would ultimately benefit all members.

Another committee in need of membership participation will be assistance in writing the applications and informatics portions of Healthcare’s Most Wired Survey, for which CHIME took ownership and responsibility this past summer. CHIME and AEHIA/AEHIS/AEHIT expect to highlight Most Wired at the annual Fall Forum/Fall Summit in San Diego in 2018.

We at AEHIA appreciate your membership, and our hope is that you’ll continue to view your association as a community for education, networking and sharing best practices. Our goals are to assist you in gaining greater success in your job and in elevating the role of healthcare applications and informatics leaders. In 2018, we hope to be even more successful in accomplishing these aims.

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