AEHIA 2018 – A Year in Review

By Zach Donisch, Director, AEHIS, AEHIT, AEHIA Membership

AEHIA members,

Our December issue is the last AEHIA Newsletter of the year, and I’d like to highlight the strong progress we’ve made this year and challenge all our members to make 2019 even stronger. Now almost five years young, AEHIA has grown in important ways over the last 10 months.

The AEHIA Foundation helps support many of our programs, from our Fall Summit to our online education we’re able to offer. The AEHIA Foundation is made up of industry firms from across healthcare IT – but they truly are partners. This year, the AEHIA Foundation helped provide critical sponsorships to allow us to make our AEHIA Fall Summit the best yet. Beyond financial help, our Foundation members provide thought leadership, volunteer and lead crucial committees. If you’re passionate about AEHIA and the community we’re building full of high-level healthcare IT leaders, I encourage you to advocate for AEHIA with your strong industry relationships and encourage them to join the AEHIA Foundation.

This year, we’ve doubled the number of informational webinars we’ve offered our membership, including partnering with CHIME to offer high-level executive education to our CAOs and IT leaders. Our AEHIA Foundation has stepped up to provide a platform for industry leaders and provider members to collaborate on discussions critical to addressing issues in healthcare IT applications. Special thanks to our dedicated AEHIA Education and Professional Development committee for their work expanding our education this year – you can view our archived webinars for a taste of our webinars in 2018.

Thanks to word of mouth from members, recruiting opportunities at industry events and more, AEHIA has gained over 150 new members in 10 months. With more
nodes in our network, we become an even stronger organization. AEHIA’s goal is to connect healthcare IT applications leaders and transform healthcare IT. With additional engaged members, we draw closer to that vision of a transformative organization for this industry!

Looking ahead to 2019, we’re increasingly excited about opportunities to partner with CHIME on new education opportunities. We look forward to offering more webinars and focus groups for members to learn, network and ask important questions that can help them solve problems. Our industry partners are eager to share their knowledge and passion for healthcare IT with you, and we hope you’ll attend many webinars and events throughout 2019 to help foster our community of like-minded applications leaders.

Take our AEHIA Annual Survey today – available through the end of 2018!

AEHIA will be taking some tentative steps toward public policy participation and advocacy in Washington D.C. – thanks to our strong CHIME Public Policy team and Public Policy Steering Committee, we’re able to offer applications leaders a voice on Capitol Hill from which to affect change in healthcare legislation and regulation. For those looking to take the next step in their careers, getting involved in CHIME and AEHIA’s advocacy efforts in 2019 is a great way to help meet CIOs and industry leaders, and learn skills every great CIO needs in their arsenal!

I look forward to your continued involvement in AEHIA and all the exciting opportunities to join healthcare IT leaders in changing healthcare. If you have any questions about your membership or how to get engaged in your association – please reach out to me at [email protected].


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