The Certified Digital Health (CDH) Program is designed for all healthcare professionals looking to or currently serving in the healthcare digital space.  This program is designed to test one’s knowledge and understanding in the larger healthcare IT industry.  The program outlines three levels of certification: Professional, Leader, and Executive.  Based on one’s leadership experience and positional standing will make them eligible for one level of certification testing.  Credentialing is based on meeting the requirements outlined, continuing educational credits, and passing the CDH level examination.

This is a self-paced certification program.  Learners will have access to course content and the exam for 1 year from the time of enrollment.  The CDH qualifying exam will need to be completed within those 12 months.

Current CDH Professionals (Current as of January 2023)

Eligibility Requirements:

Certified Digital Health – Professional (CDH-P)

  • One year in healthcare occupation OR
  • Digital Health Professional Certificate OR
  • Healthcare related degree

Certified Digital Health – Leader (CDH-L)

  • 1 to 3 years’ healthcare leadership experience OR
  • CHIME/A-Group Membership OR
  • CHIME Boot Camp or Leadership Academy

Certified Digital Health – Executive (CDH-E)

  • 3 years’ healthcare executive experience OR

All candidates need a minimum of 10 CEUs earned within the last year from their examination date and to have passed the CDH level exam to earn their credential.

*If one has earned a previous CDH credential and now qualifies for the next level, a short supplemental knowledge check is required.

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CDH-P Program

CDH-L Program

CDH-E Program

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Credential Maintenance

For questions regarding the CDH program please email [email protected] or call 734.665.0000.