Sharing Tools for Executive Customer Status and IT Resource Planning

Date: 04/18/2019
Event Type: AEHIA LIVE , Archived
Session Speaker(s):

Anna Pannier MBA, CHCIO, FACHE, Senior Director, IT, Ascension & President, ACHE of Middle TN Rachel Britt-McGraw CHCIO, CIO Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance

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Healthcare IT Leaders run complex operations that must align with the strategy of the organization and community they serve. Communicating IT executive updates in a manner that shows value in a context that healthcare system executives understand and appreciate is critical for mutual success.

Similarly, managing the complexity of IT work in a manner that optimizes resources and timelines is becoming increasingly complex as we juggle waterfall and agile work efforts while also attempting to speed up innovation.

Join this small workgroup conversation, healthcare IT leaders will come to together to see examples of tools used and share their own feedback and best practices in an effort to build a series of tools available to our AEHIA community in sharing and developing tools to help members: 1) deliver meaningful and effective executive updates, and 2) adopt resource planning tools that can scale and bend in the increasing complex landscape