A Message From the AEHIA Board Chair

By John Henderson, AEHIA Board Chair

As the Board chair of AEHIA for the remainder of 2018, I want to thank Todd Hatton, who previously served in this role, for the tremendous work he has done to advance the organization. As you may know, AEHIA is focused on bringing together healthcare IT applications leaders from across the country for professional development and education and networking opportunities. AEHIA is also committed to growing our membership as applications represent a wide variety of disciplines in health IT such as integration, data and analytics, testing and automation in addition to core application delivery.

As application leaders we are uniquely positioned to influence and lead the transformation of healthcare delivery. We have the privilege of being customer facing with our providers, clinicians, administrators and our patients, which allows us to better understand the opportunities our organizations have to improve outcomes, experience, workflows and back office operations.

We are committed to the core mission, which centers on professional development and growth by providing relevant and meaningful education through our monthly webinar series and sharing best practices and case studies through our KnowledgeHub. By continuing to bring these tools to our members, AEHIA can play a key role in helping IT applications leaders grow their leadership and solution delivery capabilities that enable the care delivery for their organizations.

However, I also think that our members play a critical role by sharing their stories and experience to help us build out the most robust content possible. It is not only important for us to share our successes and how we were able to achieve them, but it is equally important to share our failures – what didn’t work – as those lessons form the basis for where we can learn the most from a career and professional development perspective. My call to action for our members is to engage more and share your stories and best practices by submitting to our KnowledgeHub. You can help us in our quest to make AEHIA the most impactful organization serving healthcare IT application leaders grow professionally and in turn drive the transformation in healthcare for our patients, providers, clinicians and administrators!

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