speaking-ladyLIVE Webinars provide interactive online education sessions utilizing distance learning technology powered by Zoom. LIVE Webinar sessions will feature the industry’s top CAOs, vendors, healthcare suppliers and consultants speaking about your most pressing issues and concerns. LIVE Webinar sessions are exclusive to AEHIA members as part of their membership benefits.

General Information

  • All LIVE Webinar sessions are one hour in length, including Q&A.
  • LIVE Webinar sessions are conducted on the Zoom platform. An AEHIA staff members will be present during the session to orient the speakers to Zoom, provide introductions, assist attendees with technical questions and facilitate Q&A if desired.
  • Speakers should be prepared to use PowerPoint during their session, and slides are made available to attendees after the presentation upon request. All LIVE Webinar sessions are recorded and archived on the AEHIA website.
  • LIVE Webinar sessions are held on Thursdays at 12pm ET.  AEHIA staff will coordinate with the session point of contact to determine an agreeable date and time if speakers are not available at that time.

Upcoming LIVE Webinar Sessions

AEHIA online education programs are designed to keep you abreast of the most current topics and critical issues you face every day. Browse our list of upcoming sessions and register for one or all!


LIVE Webinar Digital Archives

Weren’t able to catch the live session? Not to worry, all LIVE Webinar Sessions are archived for your convenience within a few business days of the original webcast.


Proposal Submission

  • Proposals are limited to two speakers. At least one speaker must be an AEHIA or AEHIA Foundation member, and the remaining speaker should hold a senior level position within their organizations. Note: preference will be given to proposals that feature one or more AEHIA CAOs.
  • A presentation title, keyword (at least one), search category (at least one), long and short descriptions and learning objectives must be included with your proposal. The long description should be between 150 and 300 words.  Additional background information may be included, for example, the challenges and barriers faced; the conclusion or outcomes achieved and the recommendations that you would offer. The short description should be between 50 and 75 words and will be used for publication.  You must provide at least three learning objectives, with the option of including up to five.
  • Each proposal should include a point of contact that will communicate with AEHIA regarding the proposal and the session if selected.
  • Full speaker details are required at the time of submission so that AEHIA staff may adequately evaluate the proposal and determine if it will be selected.
  • Speaker headshots are required before the session can be scheduled, so we strongly recommend that proposal submitters include headshots, although they are not required to submit a proposal.
  • Presentations should be issue-oriented and must NOT promote the proprietary interests of any individual vendor, product or service.
Selection Process
  • Proposals will be reviewed by AEHIA staff to ensure all requirements have been met and the session would add value for the AEHIA membership. Upon submission, please allow at least one week for a member of the AEHIA staff to contact you about your proposal.
  • If your proposal is selected, the session POC will be notified via email and AEHIA will work with you to select a date and time that will work for your speakers, calendar space permitting. We prefer to schedule sessions at least two weeks in advance in order to set-up the session and registration, and to properly promote the session to AEHIA members.
  • If you are not selected or there isn’t an available slot, AEHIA will also notify you via email.
  • If selected, a master copy of the presentation must be provided to AEHIA at least 2 days prior to the session. If not, your session may be cancelled.
  • Speaker substitutions are not permitted. Any last minute speaker substitutions could lead to the cancellation of a session. Speaker substitutions will be subject to the approval of AEHIA staff.

Note: AEHIA will review each proposal and make selections based on the strength of the proposal and speakers, timeliness of the topic and calendar availability. AEHIA may also consider the number of proposals submitted by one individual or firm, as well as recent AEHIA LIVE sessions conducted when making selections. AEHIA strives to ensure variety and balance for our AEHIA LIVE offerings.

Tips for Success
  • Joint/team presentations by AEHIA CAOs and AEHIA Foundation executives are encouraged.
  • Favorable consideration will be given to proposals that feature AEHIA CAOs and/or senior level presenters with appropriate levels of expertise (i.e. director, vice president, president, CIO/CAO, etc.) and that address current issues of importance to healthcare IT applications executives.

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Your active participation is welcomed and encouraged! Questions or comments? Send an email to [email protected].