What is AEHIA?

The Association for Executives in Healthcare Information Applications (AEHIA) was launched in 2014 in order to provide an education and networking platform to healthcare’s senior IT applications leaders.

AEHIA was formed under the auspices of CHIME, the premier professional membership organization for chief information officers (CIOs) and other senior healthcare IT leaders. CHIME leadership heeded a message of concern from members that there was a distinct lack of education and resources geared towards healthcare applications executives; AEHIA was designed to address that unmet need in the industry.

Why should I join AEHIA?

AEHIA is the only professional organization focused on supporting the healthcare industry’s applications executive community.  AEHIA is focused on advancing the role of the CAO through education, collaboration, and advocacy in support of the applications that improve healthcare delivery and efficiency. We know what your challenges are and we’re here to help you with them.

Healthcare organizations are increasingly relying on CAOs like yourself to manage an increasingly complex technology environment; making education and collaboration essential components to fostering knowledge, solutions and best-practice sharing.

Your membership in AEHIA can help you save valuable time, get up to speed on hot industry topics, and refine your leadership skills.

I don’t hold the title of CAO. Can I still join?

AEHIA membership is open to CAOs and senior applications leaders at healthcare related organizations. To facilitate collaboration and the development of stronger healthcare senior application leaders, AEHIA members are encouraged to refer other healthcare application executives as well.

Is AEHIA membership an individual membership or an organizational membership?

AEHIA membership is assigned to the individual at a healthcare provider or payer organization who applies and is approved. Membership is not for the organization itself and is not transferable from one individual to another.

What is the difference between AEHIA and the AEHIA Foundation?

AEHIA was created to support the professional needs of CAOs in healthcare. The AEHIA Foundation is a not-for-profit organization representing the nation’s leading healthcare IT vendors and professional services firms. AEHIA Foundation members benefit from a unique opportunity to partner and collaborate directly with member CAOs.

The support of the AEHIA Foundation allows AEHIA to provide its members with leading edge education, information, and networking opportunities. In return, AEHIA Foundation members have an unprecedented ability to connect with healthcare industry CAOs through AEHIA-sponsored education and events.

For more information about the AEHIA Foundation, please visit the AEHIA Foundation section of our website.

What is myCHIME?

myCHIME is a social collaboration platform created specifically for the healthcare industry. Through the AEHIA Member Community you will hear about the latest updates, news, and events. We’ll keep you up to date on the many ways you can maximize your membership. Have a question to pose to your peers? A challenge keeping you up at night? Start the conversation here. We also encourage you to explore the niche communities available within myCHIME and NextWave Connect. Engage with your industry peers to stay on the leading edge of innovation and issues within healthcare technology.

You can view the new myCHIME on your mobile device and count on myCHIME email alerts to keep you up-to-date on the latest conversations happening in your network.