Membership Criteria

To be considered for AEHADA Foundation membership, firms should meet most of the following criteria:

  • Support the purpose of the AEHADA Foundation to help develop, fund and implement programs that foster the professional development of CAOs, and the advancement of the healthcare industry
  • Commit to working in partnership with AEHADA members to refine corporate strategy with regard to the needs of the healthcare industry, and demonstrate this support
  • Demonstrate an established presence in the healthcare marketplace with business activity related to information security, consulting, recruiting, technology and/or applications
  • An ability to help recruit healthcare CAOs as members
  • Demonstrate a willingness to engage with and actively participate in the organization
  • Commit to having a senior executive attend the annual AEHADA Fall Summit
  • Support a broad range of interests and backgrounds while enhancing the strength of the AEHADA Foundation
Factors Which May Have Bearing on Membership

– Incomplete submission materials and/or insufficient criteria
– Any evidence of lawsuits and/or Federal/State investigations, the subject of which might reflect in a
negative way upon AEHADA and/or the AEHADA Foundation

Annual Investment (per calendar year)

  • $11,550
  • $10,450 for current CHIME, AEHIS or AEHIT Foundation members

AEHADA Foundation Membership Application

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